Available Candidates
Sandra- Jack of all Trades within a Credit Union-Houston

Sandra is returning to the workplace after raising her children. She brings 18 years of credit union experience in areas like: project manager, branch manager, lending, collections and more. She was the HR person, the compliance officer and even managed indirect lending.  Let’s welcome her back by finding her a new Home!

Nina – BSA/Compliance/Audit Specialist

Moving to Houston from California…Nina is an experienced Credit Union professional with excellent interpersonal, analytical and organizational skills. She has done it all! She is a BSA certified specialist through CUNA. Houston, she needs a new place to call home.

Terrance- Collection Manager-Houston

Experience managing a wide-variety of functions within the collection/recovery management industry.  Strong background in gathering, analyzing and defining business and functional requirements, creating spreadsheets/trend charts, designing/re-engineering workflow processes and other decision-making tools. Results focused, detail-oriented collections professional with over 25 years of experience within the collection field and managing the last 20 of the 30 years.  

James – Branch Manager (NW Houston)

As a tenured credit union employee, James has over 9 years of industry experience. He encompasses the “People Helping People” motto of the credit union world. James started as a Financial Service Representative, so he knows the retail and sales side of the business. He has managed up to 12 employees and believes in motivating, training and coaching staff to their highest potential. James is ready to put all of his experience and knowledge to work for a credit union. He is currently available to interview and could start a new position immediately.

Elizabeth – Lending (SW Houston)

10+ years of credit union experience makes Elizabeth a great catch for any credit union. With experience ranging from Member Services, Accounting, and lending, that makes her a very well rounded employee. As a Loan Officer, Elizabeth has had exposure to both consumer and mortgage lending. She craves the opportunity to expand on her lending experience and would be a great addition to any lending department. With her professional demeanor and vast knowledge, Elizabeth would be the ideal candidate.

Rhonda – Lending/Management (Near Downtown Houston/Central)

Rhonda is a seasoned credit union employee seeking a new opportunity. She has lending, new accounts and management experience all within the credit union industry. Rhonda is seeking growth within her next organization, but also craves a stable environment. She believes in maintaining good solid relationships, all while driving business to be successful. Rhonda encompasses all the ideal traits of a great candidate; experience, knowledge and wisdom. Rhonda is currently available to interview and could start a new position immediately.

Holly – FSR/MSR – (SW Houston)

Holly has over 10 years of financial services experience. Her career began working in a small bank as a Customer Service Representative. Since, she has been promoted on several occasions to Personal Banker, Sr. Personal Banker and Lending Assistant. As a credit union employee, Holly did it all; Member Services, Lending, New Accounts, Teller and Customer Service. Holly’s position was recently eliminated due to the closing of her branch in December. She is anxiously waiting to return to work and would love to remain in the credit union industry.

Christian – Teller – (Northeast Houston)

Christian recently relocated back to the Houston area and is anxious to find a credit union position. She has several years of retail and cash handling experience, but after working in a credit union last year, she realized her passion regarding the industry. Christian has experience processing teller transactions, assisting with new accounts and handling general customer service. She would love an opportunity to learn more about the industry if given the chance. With Christian’s upbeat personality and member focused attitude, she would be a great addition to your team!

Jesse—Bilingual-Branch Manager – (North Houston)

Jesse is ready for his next step in his career. He has been on the Manager Development program for a while and he is ready to be a BM. He is in a position where his BM is out a lot and he is the “manager on duty”. Staff of 9 bankers, and Tellers-6. Jesse meets with his bankers to debrief on what has happened throughout the day. He wants to know what their successes were for the day. He looks at the numbers and also builds relationships! Jesse brings leadership to his group. He knows how to coach employees to be successful, is approachable and available for questions from staff. He has a huge customer base with a lot of repeat business. He is really good and would be a great catch for a Credit Union

Savannah – Teller (Fort Worth / Arlington)

Savannah has just relocated from the Port Neches/Beaumont area to the Fort Worth area.  Prior to her move, she worked for Neches Credit Union for 6 months as a Teller on a part-time basis.  She was responsible for working with the members on a daily basis on their day-to-day transactions and was responsible for the daily balancing of her cash drawer as well as cross-selling additional products and services of the credit union when appropriate. She is looking for a position that would allow her to continue working in that Teller role and would now prefer something on a full-time basis. 

Kimberly – Accounting / Operations / Audit (Irving / HEB / Arlington)

Kimberly has worked for almost 10 years in the credit union industry.  She started as a Customer Service Representative before moving into a role handling fraud and death claims and then into Compliance and also earned her BSACS and CUCE designations.  She is currently working for as a Member Service Representative and is looking to return to something more related to what she has done in the rest of her career and is very interested in the accounting/finance/audit areas. 

Lamon – Call Center / Collections / Loan Operations (Dallas / Fort Worth / Irving)

Lamon has worked for 15 years in the financial services areas in customer service, collections, and loan processing.  He also earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Grambling State University in Business Management.  He worked for 8.5 years with a local bank until a merger last year led to lay-offs in the Fort Worth office.  He began his time there as a Customer Service Representative in their call center before moving into more of a collections role in the overdraft department.  But he spent his last 1.5 with the bank as a Consumer Loan Processor II where he would handle auto, boat, personal and secured loans remotely for the bank.  He would get the approved application from underwriting and put all the documents together through LaserPro and get them back to the branch to be closed.  He said he really enjoyed that role.  He is looking for something that would utilize any of his past experience and allow him to continue moving forward in his career.

Sharon – Marketing (Dallas / Plano)

Sharon worked for 10 years as the Director of Marketing for a small credit union in Dallas and was responsible for the overall marketing duties of the credit union.  She was responsible for the marketing and brand development for a denominationally-oriented credit union which included the creation of all printed materials, maintaining all content for the credit union website, and representing the credit union at vari­ous meeting and conferences.  She also planned and organized a year-long 50th Anniversary celebration for the credit union that culminated in a day-long membership entertainment event.  She is looking for a position where she can continue to use her marketing skills and make a valued contribution to the company and she would love for that opportunity to be in the credit union industry. 

Chad – Mortgage Lending / Indirect Lending (Dallas / Sherman)

Chad has worked in the credit union industry for 6.5 years following 4 years in the mortgage industry.  He has worked on underwriting consumer loans through the indirect side of things and has had the responsibility of handling the daily operations of a branch for mortgage lending.  He worked initially as an Underwriter in the indirect lending area and was responsible for decisioning a large amount of loans (50-100 a day) and became the primary contact for the more problematic loans that came in as well as assisting in the training of new underwriters for the credit union.  Chad also worked in the mortgage industry as a Senior Loan Processor where he processed FHA, VA and Reverse mortgage loans for all of their branches.  He then relocated to West Virginia and worked as a Branch Coordinator where he still processed those types of loans but was also responsible for assisting in the daily operations of the branch.  He has recently relocation back home to the North Texas area and is looking for an opportunity that allows him to continue his career in the credit union industry. 

Shrunda- FSR, Loan Officer (Near or around DT Houston)

13 years of CU experience                    

Strongest Attributes: Good Cross-Selling Person, Dependable, Flexible and a motivating. She is an outgoing and friendly person. A significant accomplishment- Being able to share her knowledge and skills with others. She trained, coached and motivated staff and 3 of her employees where promoted to BM positions.

15 years with a Houston Area CU, Shrunda started as a Loan Officer (5 Years) where she was able to make the loan decisions. She was then given the opportunity to be a Branch Manager (11 years) for a small branch. As a Manager of people, she believes in “do unto others as you would do unto yourself”. She treats staff with respect but they do know there is a job to perform and we are accountable for what we do. She holds herself accountable as well. She is approachable, has patience and to this day.

Jesse -Bilingual- ABM or BM - North

Jesse is ready for his next step in his career. He has been on the Manager Development program for a while and he is ready to be a BM or even an ABM. He is in a position where his BM is out a lot and he is the “manager on duty”. Staff of 9 bankers, Tellers-6. Jesse meets with his bankers to know what their successes were for the day and does coaching with them if needed.  He can build relationships, cross-sell products and helps his staff do that as well.
Reference by former co-worker
He was the #1 banker at Chase with a huge customer base and a lot of repeat business
He is really good and would be a great catch for a Credit Union!




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