AffirmX Webinar: What Comes Next is Already Here!
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 10:00 AM

The times, they are a-changing us. Right now, the new normal is holding hands with "what comes next." That's right, the future is here. Please join us for a FREE 45-minute virtual exploration for the new normal in risk management and compliance.

In just 30 minutes, plus 15 for Q&A, we'll show you how AffirmX, our patented, cloud-based risk management and compliance software solution, can simplify and streamline your operations, save you money and headaches, and make your operations run leaner. The dashboard alone will illuminate why this innovative solution is truly the way forward, starting now.

Join our host Melia Heimbuck, CUDE, principal of Risk Management Solutions, as she introduces you to AffirmX, so you can see if this low-cost, user-friendly platform might be for you. Choose from these three dates:

With AffirmX, you get:

  • A fully laid-out compliance path based on your risks, as well as ongoing support;
  • A trusted, centralized risk management and compliance system;
  • Help identifying gaps in operations;
  • Comprehensive compliance audits that meet regulatory guidelines;
  • Greater efficiencies and reduced costs;
  • Ongoing risk intelligence;
  • Preemptive technology that's your best defense against cybersecurity threats;
  • Reporting, risk rating, tracking, and scheduling on all aspects of compliance and risk; and
  • Credit Union Resources' expertise and consultative services to operationalize your results and proactively manage your risk.

Credit Union Resources is working hard to meet the complex challenges of our times. We hope you'll join us as we step into "what comes next."

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