Posted by Mr. Bob Rehm, CUDE, VP Sales and Service, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 10/9/2015

So you’re planning for next year.  You’ve got some items on your strategic to-do list that are going to require some outside help.  Here’s a place to start.

Simply put, Credit Union Resources provides products and services that help credit unions achieve their missions.   That’s really at the heart of what we do– we provide product solutions in all four of the broad areas of credit union operations:

  • Financial Performance – achieving your bottom line
  • People – developing your credit union’s human capital
  • Operational Effectiveness – refining your credit union’s processes
  • Member Value – maximizing your member’s experience

Inside these four strategic categories, Resources represents carefully selected, exceptional companies that provide services such as insurance, employee benefits, shared branching, payment systems, ATM technology, retail discount programs, loan generation programs, checking account programs, and many more ways to better serve your members and grow your credit union.  From our own professional consultants we offer services in human resources, staffing, marketing, research, financial audit, technical audit, strategic planning, shared compliance, to name a few.

Check out the illustration that accompanies this post, as it can serve as a quick reference of all our solutions – solutions made for your credit union.  For example, in the category of Member Value, you will see student loans as a service we offer.  Our preferred business partner, CU Student Choice, gives your members a funding choice that’s good for them and good for your credit union when it comes time to borrow for college.

In the category of Operational Effectiveness, Diebold orchestrates the transformation of branches as the means to deliver multiple points of access and enhance the ember experience.  And in the strategic category of Financial Performance, Level 5 offers up a brilliant new program, FxAMP, to help credit unions manage their fixed-asset ratios under the new rules.  Of course, these are just a few examples of our excellent partners.

Introducing Digital Benefit Advisors

Resources will soon welcome Digital Benefit Advisors as our newest preferred business partner.  Under the category of People, Digital Benefit Advisors delivers a powerful new approach to employee benefits by combining the commitment of experienced, local market advisors with the sophisticated technology and resources of a respected national firm.  Employers receive access to a broader variety of carriers, dynamic tools, proprietary products and the ability to effectively navigate the complexities of health care reform.

Your Business, Our Focus, Expert Solutions

As you prepare for 2016, please keep Credit Union Resources in mind as a means to support your strategic objectives…we can help.  We exist to serve you and help your credit union achieve its goals.  To learn more about consulting services, business partners, and other services providers, please contact me at or 469.385.6425.



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Posted by Amanda Dawson, Sr. Staff analyst, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 10/7/2015

Did you know that this is the year that Marty McFly went back to the future? For those of you that are not Back to the Future movie fans you are probably wondering why I am referencing time travel.  It’s pretty simple really: I want time.  No, I do not mean I want a time machine; I just want enough time to get everything accomplished each day.  So let’s ask ourselves a simple question:  What does time mean to all of us and how do we handle our time?

First off what type of time personality are you?

There are many types of people when it comes to time management.  A majority of individuals can be placed in the five following time management personalities: The time martyrs, overachiever-do-it-alls, the procrastinators, the under-estimators, and the anti-committers.

Time martyrs are individuals that focus on everyone else’s time and never focus on their own job.   These are also the individuals who love gossip; they get lost in all the weeds and forget about the roots.

Overachiever-do-it-alls are the ones who take a day on like a marathon getting as much done in one day as possible. They work off a tight schedule and hate their time to go to waste.

Under-estimators are people who overload their schedule making outrageous goals that are impossible to accomplish in the given time.  Therefore, pushing back all other assignments they take on and always running behind.

The Procrastinators find lots of ways to waste time and wait until the last minute to complete the task at hand.  These individuals get pleasure from the pressure of working against the clock.  However, many times missing opportunities and even undergo high anxiety or guilt.

The anti-committers avoid being tied down.  They are very free-spirited and like to play everything by ear.  It is hard to lock these individuals into a schedule.

Not everyone falls into just one of the above categories.  Some may even change their time management personality depending upon how much the job at hand means to them personally.

Here are some great tips on how to help manage your time:

  • Lock yourself in: Focus on the task and eliminate all distractions
    • Phones have become a large part of our society.  To the point that people have their phone physically attached to their palm.   
    • Emails alerts can also be distracting.  Think about turning your notification off and designating only certain times of the day to emails.
    • People and side conversations.  Some people can mutli-task and talk at the same time.  However, not everyone works this way.
  • Create an organizing system: Make a daily goal checklist
    • Staying organized is highly important when it comes to time management.  Making a list can help you see where you are in your daily assignments.
    • Satisfaction of crossing items off the list can also be rewarding and give you a sensation of accomplishment.
    • Do not get overwhelmed. Take on one item at a time.
  • Learn to say “no”
    • You are not superman/woman only take on what you can handle.

Last thing to remember about time is to enjoy yourself.  Work can be play too.   You only live once and as of right now time travel is not possible, so make the best of it.

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Posted by Mr. Dean Borland, SCMS, CUDE, VP Product Development, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 10/5/2015

In the just-released white paper “The Next 10 Years: Credit Unions in 2025[i],” the Filene Research Institute’s Ben Rogers and Manny Nat observed that the number of U.S. credit unions has declined 36% since 1998, and estimates predict the loss of an additional 150-200 credit unions per year in the future. While it is true that some credit unions close due to financial hardship, most of the attrition in the number of credit unions in recent years has been a result of voluntary mergers involving small credit unions who have lost primary sponsor subsidies or who were unable to replace the loss of a long-time CEO or directors.

Future decline in the number of credit unions will likely be attributable to a variety of factors, not the least of which is the anticipated retirement of a significant number of credit union CEOs. However, in almost every case, mergers are influenced by a credit union’s inability to identify, articulate, and sustain its value proposition to members.

In the future, value will likely be closely aligned with how EASY it is for members to conduct business. Credit union “winners” will leverage remote delivery to provide instant gratification for all types of product and service interactions, from new account opening to payments and even mortgages. Credit unions who do not adapt will suffer diminishing value as consumers (think Gen X and Gen Y) migrate toward providers who offer ease, convenience, and instant gratification of needs.

All credit unions will be challenged, both technologically and financially, as operational processes and remote delivery systems are reengineered to serve the preferences of Gen X and Gen Y (Millennial) consumers. Scale (asset size) will definitely have a positive influence on credit union success. Unfortunately, few, if any, credit unions have the scale or financial capacity to be everything to everybody. As a result, credit union “winners” will likely be those, large and small, who identify a niche, something that consumers (members) want, and deliver on their promise better than any competitor.

As the future unfolds, some credit unions will survive, others will not. According to the Filene study, “Every credit union should have the hard discussion about whether to remain independent in its niche, seek acquisitions, or be acquired.” The discussion is a strategic imperative, one that focuses on the value provided to members, one that needs to involve senior leaders and directors, and one that needs to happen sooner than later.


If you need assistance with Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, policy development or board member education, OnBalance is here to help.  To learn more about all of the products and services we offer visit us at or contact Karen Houston-Johnson at, Howard Bufe at or Dean Borland at


[i] The Next Ten Years: Credit Unions in 2025, Filene Research Institute, Ben Rogers and Manpreet Nat, September 2015

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