Have You Looked at your Website Lately?
Posted by Steve Stovall, AVP, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 3/6/2017

Your website is like the front door to your credit union for potential members. Is your website welcoming? Is it easy to navigate? If someone new came to your website, is it pleasing to view and easy to navigate? Most important, does it represent the value of your institution in a fair and accurate way?

If it looks like it was done on the cheap with free web design tools and clip art, what kind of impression is that giving out to prospective members – or even your current members? If they compare your website with the local bank’s website, what will they find? Remember, they don’t know how great you are because all they are doing is shopping on the web – they won’t set foot into your lobby until they’re ready to join your CU or maybe never if everything can be accomplished over the web.

A study I found at www.statista.com found that about 73 percent of internet users aged 18 to 24 years purchased products or services online in 2015, and about 74 percent of Millennials compared prices online that year. What are they looking for? Products. Services. Rates. And how you can make their life easier. If they can’t navigate your website or if they just don’t like what they see, they’re going elsewhere.

Credit Union Resources has partnered with Growth by Design (GBD) to deliver Responsive web development. Gone are the days of creating a separate mobile-friendly website for your smart device audience. With responsive website technology from our partner, websites are optimized for any size browser or device, offering users a much improved online experience, however they choose to connect!

Even if you built a fantastic website five years ago, have you taken a look at it lately? Does it have the "bells & whistles" most new credit union websites offer? GBD can assist with a refresh of your current website as well as starting from scratch. In most cases, it is easier to start over than to do a refresh, but each situation is different.

For a quick, free quote or consultation, please contact Britney Bailey with GBD at (678) 542-3455 or britneyb@growthbydesign.org.

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