5 Reasons Why a Smart Lockbox can Streamline Efficiency and Mitigate Risk
Posted by Molly King, Senior Marketing Manager, FTSI on 12/30/2019

Proper security at your branches should never be underestimated. Distributing multiple sets of keys can be a major risk putting your branch and business in jeopardy. Once you hand off sets, there is an increased risk for those keys to be lost or stolen.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to securely manage all key access. With a remote-controlled smart lockbox, you can easily maximize security at your branch by storing keys and access cards in one centralized location with complete control of personnel accessing the smart lockbox. In addition to decreasing downtime with lost keys, a smart lockbox is attack resistant and easy to install. With wireless access through a mobile app, you can receive a real-time audit trail of activity to reduce risks and provide secure vendor access.

Eliminate Travel to Rekey or Reprogram Locks
Traditional lock-and-key systems can create significant overhead costs, particularly at remote sites. Vendors and staff normally have to travel to rekey locks, which is time-consuming and expensive, and physical keys pose a security risk when employees or vendors leave the company. Programmable locks require travel to the site to add or delete keyholders and often limit the number of codes available. But by installing a smart lockbox, you can control and monitor site access for multiple remote sites, all from one central location.

Mitigate risks by limiting branch keys
With keys stored in one on-site location, you are always in control of key access. The need to hand out multiple sets of keys will be eliminated, thus mitigating the risk for lost or stolen keys.

Increase vendor accountability
Having the ability to monitor remote activity in real time will help you know whether or not service technicians have accessed your site and allow you to view exactly when service technicians accessed your facilities.

Eliminate need to escort vendors
Eliminate the added expensive of arranging for site access for vendors, by simply authorizing access for them remotely. You will be able to save time and expenses for yourself and your staff by not having to pay a staff member to be present for granting vendor access.

Authenticate remote intrusion alarms
False alarms can be an increased security risk if they become a regular occurrence, the importance of an alarm sounding can often be overlooked. The smart lockbox system can eliminate false alarms by preventing the intrusion alarm from sounding when someone with valid credentials accesses the remote site and stops an invalid alarm condition from being sent.?

Contact FTSI at solutions@ftsius.com to learn more about the smart lockbox solution.

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