An interesting thought about money….. have you ever wondered where it has been?
Posted by Mrs. Cheryl Sayers, Director of Training Remote Transaction Resources, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 2/3/2017

cashAn interesting thought about money….. have you ever wondered where it has been?

I was at a restaurant this week and when I paid the bill I did so in cash.  Looking at the cash a thought came to mind.  Where have these bills been?  (Okay don’t go to the dark side.  We want to keep this clean.)  What states or even countries has the bill been to?  More than likely it has been to more places in its lifetime than I will ever be able to accomplish.  

So what did I do….  Like so many others I Googled it.  I found a couple of website that you can register a bill at and track its progress wherever it may travel.  This only works if others handling the bill know how this works.  One of the sites is “Where’s George?”  The site has a running total at the bottom showing the number of bills that have been entered, their total dollar value, and a daily register of the number of bills entered.  This was interesting; Total Bills Entered to date 269,193,058 and this keeps moving as I write this blog!  This too was amazing; Total Dollar Value of said bills $1,447,450,782!  Wow what we will find to do out of curiosity!  This website was created December 23, 1998, by a Wharton MBA and database consultant named Hank Eskin.  He created the site just as I suspected “for fun”!

A second site I found is  this site is very similar to the “Where’s George?” concept.  When you register a bill on the site you provide them with your email address.  You will find out when someone else has registered a bill you have already entered via email.  A link is then provided to you with a report showing where that bill has traveled!

Next time you take out a dollar bill think of all the traveling it has done from the beginning to arrive in your wallet!

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