Common Call Report Questions
Posted by Ms. Cheryl Ehmann, AVP Staff Analyst, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 3/12/2014

Below are some questions that are commonly received regarding the NCUA 5300 Report (call report).  You may find these answers helpful, or may have additional questions of your own.  If so, let us know!  You can comment on this blog or email questions to Your question may appear in future blogs!

How should mortgages for investment properties owned by members be handled on the call report?

On page 2 of the call report, they should be reported based on the lien position – if they are secured by a first lien, they would be included in first lien mortgages.  On page 15 (specialized lending), they would be included as business loans if the aggregate business loan balance to the member exceeds $50,000.00; otherwise, they would not be considered business loans.

How do we report NCUA assessments on the income statement portion of the call report?

The premium related to losses in natural person credit unions would go on line 26a.  The assessment related to corporate credit union losses would go on line 26b.  NCUA prefers these items be recognized when paid rather than being accrued.

How should IRA shares and IRA certificates of deposit be reported?

Both IRA shares and certificates would be reported as IRAs.  Only non-IRA certificates are reported as certificates of deposit.  Shares are reported as having maturities of less than 1 year.

How do we determine the amount of uninsured deposits?

The portion of any account balance that exceeds $250,000.00 is considered uninsured.  So if you had an account with a balance of $263,000.00, $13,000.00 would be uninsured.

How do we report the Excess Balance Account that is swept from our corporate account to the Federal Reserve Bank each night?

This should be listed as Cash on Deposit.

How do I record the capital received through a merger?

This should be recorded as Equity Acquired in Merger on page 4.

What equity accounts are not included in the Net Worth calculation for Prompt Corrective Action purposes?

Other Comprehensive Income resulting from a defined benefit pension plan and Unrealized Gains/Losses on Available for Sale Investments are not included in this calculation.

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