How Long Should My Resume Be?
Posted by Chris Thomas, Executive Search Relationship Manager, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 2/22/2017

I am always asked how long a resume should be. 

Should it be just one page?  Maybe.

Is it okay to stretch it on to a second page?  Sure.

How about six pages? Never.

I think it is a hard question to answer but the answer I usually give is it should be long enough to make sure you share your relatable experiences.  A candidate straight out of college might need to use a little more fluff or bigger fonts to fill up a whole page.  But a management candidate with twenty years of experience wouldn’t want to run the risk of leaving off important experiences to make sure they stay under one page.

Information overload might be your worst enemy on a resume.  Too much information can hide the things that make you really stand out.  There are some easy things you can do to streamline a resume and make it more efficient for an employer to read and review.  Hiring Managers do not generally spend a lot of time on each resume that comes across their desk so you better be able to catch their eye as quickly and effectively as possible. 

We can start with a fairly easy decision to skip the Objective.  Everyone has the same objective and that is to impress you enough to get the job.  I think a better use of that space is a Professional Summary that just highlights you and what might make you different than the next resume they will pick up.  This is your chance to brag about yourself and the years of experience you have spent in a job or an industry or the education or certifications you have earned along the way. 

You will also be better served by simply omitting things such as hobbies, personal interest and other personal details.  Your resume should be a snapshot of what makes you great and the best fit for the position for which you are applying.  When you overload it with too much unnecessary information, you do nothing but dilute those things that might have made you stand out.

Under each position, be succinct and list the things that are important to the job for which you are applying.  You don’t need to have every position read like an actual job description.  Devoting a whole page to each position you have held over your career is just too much and most of the information will never get read anyway.  Utilize some of that space with Accomplishments from those positions.  Show what has made you successful in that role and ready to make an impact in the one you are applying for now.

Don’t fret over how long a resume should be, just make sure it highlights your career.  You want to show the Hiring Manager why you are the best choice for their company.  You want to create an easy-to-read document that will highlight your previous duties, education and accomplishments that will make you the best fit for the job you are seeking.      

If you are a candidate looking for a career in the credit union industry or a credit union looking for staffing help, please contact Credit Union Employment Resources ( and we can certainly help you out.  You can contact me directly at


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