A Time of Healing and Giving
Posted by Tracy Florida, CUDE, Director, Partner Relations, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 9/1/2017

As I prepared to write a blog for today, my mind is focused on one thing…the tremendous devastation for our family, friends, and co-workers in the south.  My heart goes out to the people and the communities who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.  And it’s not over for these amazing survivors, now it’s time to rebuild.  Rebuild their lives, rebuild their homes, and rebuild their communities.

There have been such amazing stories of the many who have volunteered their time, energy and resources to assist those in need.  The love felt and outpouring of support from so many organizations and individuals has been tremendous, and I thank you!  It’s going to be a long haul, but together, we will get through this.

We have received many inquiries from friends of the credit union industry about what might be done to help credit unions that have been effected by Hurricane Harvey. If you are interested, there are two ways you might be able to help.

First, if you have specific resources you can make available to support business continuity or recovery efforts of credit unions, email DisasterNotification@cornerstoneleague.coop. The Cornerstone Credit Union League is building a list of suppliers that will be shared with credit unions effected by Hurricane Harvey.

Or, if you would like to offer financial support, the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation is collecting donations through the CUAid Hurricane Harvey Disaster Fund. CUAid is an online giving portal administered through the National Credit Union Foundation. 100% of donations made for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief via the CUAid portal will be transferred directly through the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation and on to credit union employees and board members in need of assistance.

If you would like to make a donation, follow the link to CUAid. Your gift will be appreciated, and you will be recognized as a contributor by the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation.

Click here to make a donation

Once Phase I emergency grants have been distributed and damage assessments have been made to determine Phase II and III needs, there may be monies left in the fund. Please note that donations unused for Hurricane Harvey Relief will be saved for future disaster occurrences and transferred to the Cornerstone CU Foundation's "General Disaster Relief Fund." Again, these funds are restricted and can only be used to assist credit union staff and board volunteers in the event of a natural disaster in the future.

We all want to help, even if in some small way.  Whatever you choose to do to assist, listen to your heart and you’ll know you’re right!

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