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Posted by Mr. Grant Weiland, CUDE, President/CEO, Teachers CU on 12/8/2013

Last week, I attended a consultant’s meeting with other sales associates and league representatives.  We discussed many topics but the main thing that stood out to me is the number of great partners that CU Resources has aligned with.  CU Resources benefits from partnerships with CUNA Mutual Group, Catalyst, Signix, CU Members Mortgage, just to name a few, but we also offer our own internal products.  Departments have been created to specialize in the areas that are needed most and to help deliver streamlined products that will be beneficial to everyone involved.

Below is a list of products and services that we offer:

  1. Business Center- Printing Services, Mail Services, NADA Appraisal Guides
  2. On Balance- Strategic Planning & Consulting Services, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Board Duties & Responsibilities
  3. Credit Union Employment Resources- Employment Services, HR Consulting Services, Employee Coaching, Counseling & Discipline
  4. Remote Transaction Resources- Shared Branching, Surcharge Free ATM Network, Mobile Banking Solutions
  5. Financial & Technology Resources- Financial & Auditing Services, Technology Consulting & Compliance, Compliance & Regulatory Issues Education
  6. Research-  Member & Non-Member Surveys, Employee Surveys, Focus Groups
  7. Marketing Resources- Marketing Services, Branding, Electric Marketing, Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy

Introducing these products and services is a very important part of my job, but developing the relationship is equally as important and sets the foundation for future endeavors.  These relationships should always be built on respect, trust, mutual benefit, fairness, and honesty.

Please take a look at the products and services that we offer at

If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance.

-Abraham Lincoln

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