Remarkable Leadership Development – Set a goal and make a plan!
Posted by Mr. Howard Bufe, Unknown, Cornerstone Credit Union League on 7/22/2014

Last week we discussed Create Discovery and Desire as the first step in establishing a remarkable leadership model.  The second step is to Set a Goal and Make a Plan.  It’s admirable for an employee to engage in training and education.  As remarkable leaders you can help the employee to enhance the learning experience through setting a goal in what they want and need to learn and then make a specific plan to gain that knowledge.  This step will focus the employee on what they most want to learn during any workshop or educational session and put their overall leadership development into a clearer context.

Doing this at the beginning of any training activity will help to create the desire necessary for significant improvement.  You need to identify the Purpose, Benefit and the Resources necessary to receive significant benefit from the training.  It takes away the hope of learning what we need and replaces it with actual results.

From a leadership perspective, goals are the ultimate productivity enhancer, they provide focus, direction and meaning to our work.  Goals allow us to move from a state of activity to the point of accomplishment.

Five keys to a successful goal-setting mind-set:

  1. Size of the goal (Realistic, although large enough to stretch our capabilities)
  2. Belief that the goal can be achieved
  3. Willingness to allocate the Investment of time and resources
  4. Commitment to achieve the goal
  5. Take the Action necessary

Next Tuesday let’s discuss Focus on Strengths…

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