Are They Still Really Here?
Posted by Kimberly Jones, Unknown, KNJ HR Solutions on 9/20/2013

I’m sure we've all met those people…people who continue to “work” and exist in the workplace, but they aren’t contributing anything of value to the organization.  They come to work every day and go through the motions, and are counting the minutes until it’s time to go home.  Sure, some types of jobs might actually be perfect for this type of mindset.  However, in my opinion, it can also mean that they’ve been there too long.

Throughout my career, I’ve always believed that if I’m not continually growing, learning and enjoying the work I do, it might be time for me to leave.  No one knows exactly when or if that time will come.  For some, it may be 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, maybe more or possibly never.   So, is there a formula or idea on what to do in this situation from an employer’s point of view?  Unfortunately, there’s no special remedy to prevent this situation from happening, but there are things that employers can do to try to keep employees motivated and assist with their growth and development.  Such things as,

  • providing cross-training opportunities;
  • having periodic coaching sessions to get input and provide constructive feedback;
  • providing educational assistance and outside training opportunities;
  • setting clear, concise, measurable and achievable goals and objectives;
  • having clear lines of communication between employees and management; and
  • providing recognition and rewards when earned or deserved.

These are just a few suggestions that employers can do to try to prevent a “stale” or “stalled” work environment.  However, growth requires effort.  No employee should just sit around and expect growth and development opportunities to fall into their lap.  Both managers and employees have to accept responsibility for their part, but when the opportunities are presented, it’s up to each individual to take full advantage and seize the opportunity.  No one else can and should do it for them, and to an employer I would ask, should your organization really want to?

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