Appreciate Good People. They Are Hard To Come By.
Posted by Jason Sandler, Unknown, Unknown on 9/14/2017

On a daily basis, I’m wowed by the attitude, energy and passion that I see in our team here at OneDigital. It’s a reminder of how far we’ve come together and the exciting path we have in front of us. I never want to take this gift for granted, and I’m reminded of this unique culture on a regular basis.

Visitors at our Dallas office ALWAYS say they are astounded by the positive energy that comes from our people.  I see this same spark in our corporate office in Atlanta and when visiting other offices throughout the country.  I appreciate being a part of a great organization.

Today, I’d like to encourage you to be appreciative of your team, your peers, your manager, your employees and whoever else you come across.  It takes a village for us all to be successful and every individual contributes to the whole. Please take the time to recognize that and say thank you. You’d be surprised by how much a small gesture or a few words can positively impact someone’s day.  

On Fire. I read recently “To live a radically inspired life, you must choose to go All In each day with a purpose greater than yourself”.  At OneDigital, we definitely practice this and it’s one of our important principles in the Digital Way.   One of our executives often says that we need to be intentional and purposeful in our culture. We’ve built a company where this happens naturally, but it helps to have a reminder and make gratitude a part of our daily routine. 

My attempt to share an uplifting message without mentioning Harvey and Irma was almost successful, but I wanted to share the following brief story.  But first, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the great people who have been impacted as they work to rebuild their homes, lives and themselves. 

A colleague of mine in the Houston area was fortunate and had very minimal flooding to their home.  A week and half ago, he and his son and the rest of their baseball team went to an area in Houston that received significant damage to their homes and community.  The team went door by door to offer assistance to anyone that needed it.  They successfully help many families move damaged furniture, knocked down drywall, and anything else these families needed.  At the end of a long day, the team and parents were all exhausted and huddled together talking about the day and what they experienced. 

The overall message that was shared with me, how appreciative all of them were that they and their families were not impacted to the levels that this neighborhood and many others that were destroyed.   The part of the story that hit home for me, was when my colleague shared a message from one of the 14 year old boys, ‘I feel terrible for all of these families who houses and things have been destroyed and we are sitting around here with minimal impacts to our homes.  I now understand why our homes were protected during these floods. Someone was looking out for our team, because they knew we would be out here helping build back the community’.  Words from a 14 year old boy, how awesome is that?  I am sure all of us can share story after story about coming together and the support from around the world and country. 

So please join me in Being Appreciative.

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Posted by Janine McBee on 9/19/2017 12:31 PM:
Jason, nicely done and well said! Enjoyed your post.
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