Part 2; Laziness begets laziness…… breaking the cycle. Procrastination
Posted by Mrs. Cheryl Sayers, Director of Training Remote Transaction Resources, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 7/19/2017

According to Webster’s Dictionary procrastination is; to be slow or late about doing something that should be done: to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it, because you are lazy, etc.

We have all at some time throughout our lives faced procrastination.  As kids you might have; put off cleaning your room, doing homework, or doing your chores until the very last minute.  You may have put off the task for so long your parents gave you an ultimatum and that generally was worse than the original task.  You just didn’t want to do the task you were told to at the time you were told to do it.  Or you didn’t want to do the task at all.  As a child or teenager you more than likely would rather have been; outside playing, watching movies, or checking out the latest video game.

An example of procrastination as an adult.  You pay your auto and home insurance renewal and realize this is the third time the rates have gone up.  You tell yourself you need to look at your options with the same company or possibly move to another insurance company.  You end up telling yourself; “I’ll get to it tomorrow.  The renewal isn’t due again for a couple of months”.  The next thing you know the renewal is due next week and you really don’t have time to compare companies and rates.  So you just pay the higher fee again and say you’ll get to it later.  No one likes the task of shopping for insurance.  However, there are ways of tackling this and other chores/tasks you may be procrastinating about doing. 

Think of the task at hand.  Get everything out of your head; the details, put these down on paper, (or notes in your iPhone, Tablet, or computer).  Describe the task at hand and brake it into manageable segments.  You may realize after doing this the task is not as overwhelming or intimidating as you originally made it up to be. 

  • What are the top 5 rated auto and home insurance companies?  Google, Yelp, or try an app that can provide this for your area.
  • Ask your friends and coworkers if they have a company they prefer.  
  • What are you able to afford with your budget?
  • Do these insurance companies have different tiers of service depending on your needs? 
    • Two adults or two adults and children at what age?
    • Do you smoke?
    • How close are you to a fire hydrant in your neighborhood?
    • How far do you drive to and from work each day?
    • Have you had any recent tickets that could impact your auto insurance?
    • Have you had any recent home owner’s insurance claims?
    • What are you able to afford to pay for the deductible?
    • Would they provide you with a rental car after an accident?

You don’t swallow a meal all at once.  Otherwise, you’d get a sour stomach!  So…..take on large, intimidating, or overwhelming projects one bite at a time.  You feel better about getting the task completed and in this case you may end up saving money!

Some things to keep mind; Do the thing you are thinking about!  Get up and get it done!  Stop thinking and start doing is what I have heard!  By doing what you are putting off you can clear your mind and stop feeling guilty about not getting the task completed.  You will sleep better and feel better over-all!  Being productive puts you in a better state of being.  Get rid of the things that make up these road blocks preventing you from achieving your goal.  Move on…... 

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