Do You Experience PTD?
Posted by Tracy Florida, CUDE, Director, Partner Relations, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 7/12/2017

I recently returned from a wonderful two week vacation visiting my family in the northeast.  Pre-planning the vacation takes skill and organization, both of which require patience.  There were cookouts, a family reunion, two graduation parties, a drum corp competition, an outdoor concert on the beach, and a plethora of details that needed to be discussed, communicated and decided upon.  And then the packing, which takes me on average about 4 hours to complete as I lay things out, walk away, come back to assess and lay more things out, walk away, and come back to reassess what I’ve put together…a rather grueling process for me personally.  But, after all of the planning and packing, IT’S VACATION TIME!

So my daughter and I had a fantastic trip!  We were able to visit with lots of family members, laugh so hard our cheeks hurt and enjoy amazing fireworks.  As usual, we ate entirely too much and we both came home a little heavier than when we left…but it was so worth it!

Now it’s time to return home, get back to reality and resume daily life.  For many, the return home can be difficult and challenging.  One may experience a feeling of melancholy or sadness and feel a sense of dread for the days ahead.  There is an actual term for this feeling called post travel depression or PTD.  The following definition is direct from Wikipedia which states “post travel depression (PTD) is a type of mood that persons returning home from a long trip (usually a vacation) may experience.”  But there are ways to overcome these feelings pretty quickly to boost your mood and regain a positive attitude.

  • Plan accurately and accordingly for your return, organize your calendar BEFORE you leave so that your activities are prepared and manageable upon your return.
  • Allow yourself a couple days at home before returning to work to readjust your mind and spirit.
  • Unpack your suitcase and do laundry as soon as you get home (and enjoy the memories as you unpack the outfits you wore for each event, occasion and gathering).
  • Get plenty of sleep and be well rested for your first day back to work.
  • Return to the office ready to work but enjoy the conversations that will inevitably take place as you reminisce with coworkers asking about your vacation.
  • Lastly, be grateful for this time away allowing you to reassess your life and rejuvenate your soul!

Many of us are very fortunate that our credit union or organization provides vacation time and we’re able to get away from our daily duties of work and life.  I hope that you’ve had the opportunity to experience a little ‘vaca-time’ this year.  But if not, it’s not too late…start planning your trip soon and have a blast!

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