Go Teamwork!
Posted by Carmela McDermott, Vice President Sales, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 7/22/2014

As we come to the end of the World Cup Soccer matches, what stood out throughout the matches was the awesome teamwork among the players, in each country.  Teamwork truly has no boundaries. They all had one goal in mind and that was to produce results and each player had a specific skill they brought to the field. We also want to win in our everyday work and home life.  How do we do it? It takes hard work in every type of relationship to learn about each other’s strengths and weakness as well as how to utilize them to obtain an overall goal. Teamwork is priceless with just about anything we do.

Teamwork and Team Building exercises are popular topics in today’s organizations. Successful teamwork brings to life the realization of accomplishing your strategic goals. An effective work team increases the accomplishments of individual employees and enables all of us to have success!

Often time, it is the Leadership team in an organization that pulls together to lead your organization. The leadership team is responsible for the strategic direction of your organization. The leadership team plans, sets goals, provides guidance and manages your organization.

If you organization is just getting started with team building exercises, ask your staff to come up with the events to determine what team activities your organization can support. Teams require resources and time. Just as in sports, great players/employees are built with practice/training….But who knows…..you may end up with a “World Cup” Team!

From Wikipedia:  Teamwork is done by several associates with each doing a part all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole”

A few good reasons  why Teamwork is important:

  • A single brain can’t bounce different ideas off of it.
  • Each team member has an opportunity to contribute and offer their unique perspective on a situation.
  • Teamwork can lead to better decisions, products, or services.
  • A healthy competition in groups can be used to motivate individuals and help the team excel.
  • A team that continues to work together will eventually develop an increased level of bonding.
  • Every team member can offer their distinctive knowledge and help improve other team members.
  • Through teamwork the sharing of these ideas will allow team members to be more productive in the future.
  • Employee morale is built and you have a workplace where people want to join and participate.
  • Successful teams help you build a true sense of teamwork across your organization.


PS: This article was written by the Credit Union Employment Team of  Norma DeLaTorre and Carmela McDermott


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