Humanize Your Mortgage Brand
Posted by Alison Barksdale, AVP of Mktg, CU Members Mortgage on 6/27/2017

More and more businesses are tapping into the emotion of buyers and reaching them with dramatic heartfelt and emotional experiences that force them not to forget.  In fact, these messages get consumers talking and talking. From Dodge Rams’ “God made a farmer” ad to Campbell’s “This one’s for mom” and Toys R’ Us’ holiday commercial “Exactly what you wish for”,  and we couldn’t leave out the real tear jerker “My dad’s story”  commercial by Metlife – businesses are out to make consumers feel.  However, the story isn’t about the product necessarily, it’s about presenting an emotional connection that the consumer doesn’t forget and associate it with the company.

This isn’t new marketing.  Businesses have been creating short dramas that pull at your heartstrings for decades, but it hasn’t taken the housing market by storm like it could and that’s where we question – Why not? 

As one of the most emotional roller coasters of life, why wouldn’t purchasing a home be the ultimate emotional, dramatic experience to message to your members – “Hey we get you. We’re here to not only make this life-changing experience happen, but to be a part of it with you.”  It’s a very personal transaction as a member will bare all their financial skeletons in the closet with the stranger on the other line or across from the desk. They stand on the tight rope and cringe at the possibility that the end result may be in fact - no.

The potential here is that home loans bring a sense of down home truth that we are all just human.  Some with more skeletons in the closet than others, but the reality is that not everyone has great credit, and as such, not everyone is going to be able to buy a home. However, when a member does, when they get the green light and find the perfect home and push the key into the lock and walk in the door for the first time - when it’s theirs, it’s exactly what they’ve been waiting for all this time. It’s perfect. And, your credit union made it happen. 

That’s the emotion of a home loan.  That’s the brand marketing that you’re looking for that you can’t get with other products at your credit union.  It’s an emotional story the member wants to know, feel, and hear. Want to sell your brand?  Tell a member how you helped a veteran find their first home back from service.  Tell a member how this couple moved in right before they had their first child.  Tell them about the member who refinanced to cut their payment and save so they can get out of debt faster.  Tell them not that you have the best rates or the best service – so does every lender and credit union out there.  Tell the stories that make them feel the difference about your credit union and they won’t forget.  What story does your credit union have to share? 

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