Retained Executive Search Services

Whether you are looking for your next President/CEO or a key member of the leadership team, Credit Union Resources’ Five Phase Executive Search Process will help you deliver and deliver at a high level.

What is required?

  • This requires the ability to reach executives that are not readily on the market today. 
  • This requires the ability to go beyond traditional advertising, interviewing and reference verifications.
  • This requires the ability to qualify and quantify an executive’s credentials, knowledge and leadership capabilities.
  • This requires the ability to sell a happily employed executive on the opportunity you have at hand.

Selecting the right leadership is detrimental to the life of a credit union. Credit Union Resources delivers this expertise and serves as your senior consultant throughout the search process…. And it is all customized to your needs – AMAZING!

Five Phase Executive Search Process

  • Initial Engagement
  • Strategic Strategy Meeting
  • Candidate Identification & Assessment
  • Candidate Recommendation
  • Candidate Selection

What You Can Expect

You will receive a broad range of deliverables; tools to assist in the identification and selection of the right executive.  These include:

Executive Competency Identifier

Credit Union Resources feels that it is important that our clients understand what they are looking for.  They need to be in unison and have the ability to recognize the profile of the executive they are trying to attract.  This exercise will isolate and rank the leadership qualities and style they feel are important. 

Compensation Benchmark

Credit Union Resources supplies our clients with compensation data that will assist them in formulating the total compensation package.  We will evaluate your peer group, geographical location and pay philosophy to provide you with realistic information.  It is important to understand the level of compensation that is required to attract the caliber of executive you are seeking.

Executive Profile Job Fit Assessment

Credit Union Resources has relationships enabling us to deliver to the most comprehensive human Resources assessment available.  This assessment tool measures the candidate’s thinking and reasoning skills, occupational interests and behavioral traits.  It is the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art system available today for measuring human potential.

At Credit Union Resources, we know we have the expertise and search methodology to deliver exceptional executive talent to any credit union in the nation.  That is why we stand behind our work with an unconditional guarantee and provide our products and services for one fixed fee.

When you want the most aggressive, decisive, innovative, efficient and thorough executive search process in the industry, you want Credit Union Resources.

Defining Our Strategy in Delivery

Most Aggressive – Cold calling and networking is the number one tool in the bag when it comes to executive search.  This is the focal point; the foundation of our search process – not advertising.

Most Decisive – You are hiring a consultant, and that is what you are going to get.  We are here to deliver concise, factual advice to enable you to make an educated decision.

Most Efficient – Our recruiting process has been refined to produce seamless deliver.  We provide the tools to assist you in moving this process quickly and efficiently.  There will be no unnecessary steps or expenses.

Most Thorough – Our qualification process may be the most rigorous in the industry – and rightfully so.  Hiring senior management is the most critical task in credit unions today.  Only the elite will complete our selection process and we guarantee our work.

Most Innovative – We utilize technology throughout our identification, assessment and selection processes.  Technology allows us to have a greater impact in a shorter amount of time.  We have invested in technology, you take advantage of it.

To Request a Proposal and Learn More:

Contact Marcus Cotton, Executive Search VP at 832-200-8714 or email




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