It's Time for ATM Network Security TR-39 Audits
TR-39 ATM Security Audit

Billions of PIN activated transactions are switched through ATM networks each year. Each of these transactions is originated using a card and Personal Identification Number. With each transaction, the security of the member’s PIN must rely on the security procedures and controls of the various processing entities and the use  of certified devices. The most common standard used to evaluate organizations is the Technical Guide TR-39.

Why do a TR-39 Security Audit?

A TR-39 audit validates that policies and procedures surrounding PIN encryption and key management are compliant with Visa PIN and/or TR-39 standards. During the audit, noncompliant areas will be identified so corrective actions can be taken to correct issues. In the end, this helps to safeguard debit and ATM PINs that pass through the system to protect your members’ finances and privacy. Finally, failing an audit could impact the credit union’s ability to process debit card transactions and may incur fines.

Who is required to comply?

All financial institutions that own, operate or sponsor ATMs on the  PULSE®, STAR®, NYCE®, CO-OP®, Accel/Exchange®, and VISA® Plus® MasterCard® Maestro® networks have certain requirements to complete a TR-39 audit bi-annually—every even numbered year by Dec.31. See below to identify if your credit union needs the audit.

How we can help?

We have staff who are Certified Technical Guideline Auditors (CTGA) and authorized to perform TR-39 PIN Security Audits.

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