Research Services

Focus Groups

Focus groups provide insight to human desires towards product preferences, business strengths and weaknesses, advertising messages, and behavior patterns of groups and environments. While focus groups are not appropriate for gathering numerical information (they are not "mini surveys"), they are ideal for exploring complex values, attitudes, and behavior patterns.

They are in-depth group discussions, usually consisting of 8-10 members, last about two hours and are moderated by a trained member of the Research staff.  Typically, focus groups are held during the evenings, at the credit union.  All focus groups are audiotaped.

Member and Non-Member Surveys

Discover specific information about your membership or those you would like to be members. Gain knowledge in what other financial institutions people are using. Understand people’s satisfaction with service. 

A Survey can tell you a variety of things about your members and potential members, who they use as their primary financial institution - and why, where they are going for their loans, savings, and checking services, and the likelihood that they will use new services you may offer.  You can also pinpoint overall satisfaction with the credit union, and identify the demographic make-up of your membership.  We handle all aspects of an online or direct mail survey process.

Employee Surveys

Will your team follow you into battle or battle with you? Examine the links between employee satisfaction and business outcomes like productivity, member loyalty, revenue and profit growth through probing research that protects identity and practices anonymity.

Business research consistently shows a link between employee satisfaction and factors such as absenteeism, turnover, and quality of service. A professionally conducted employee survey provides accurate and cost-effective employee feedback that will benefit all of your employees, from tellers to CEO. It can also impact your bottom line in surprisingly powerful ways.




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