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With SIGNiX's technology, your credit union can comply with regulations without the hassle, delays and cost of mailing and processing documents. SIGNiX has more than a decade of experience helping credit unions large and small get documents signed instantly online. With digital signatures, your members can sign documents from the comfort of their homes and offices.

The benefits of digital signatures include:

•   Up to 95% reduction in errors
•   Increased member acceptance of contracts
•   Reduced labor, shipping, processing and handling costs
•   More time for employees to focus on their primary jobs
•   Improved member convenience and satisfaction

Security and compliance are key factors in assessing signature technology for your credit union. SIGNiX believes that only true, standards-based digital signatures should be used on documents that have to be legally valid not only today, but also five, ten or fifteen years from now. This is one of the key reasons Credit Union Resources chose SIGNiX as their exclusive partner for electronic signatures.

SIGNiX offers online training throughout the year. Learn more about SIGNiX Academy.

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