CO-OP Sprig: A Virtual Branch Experience

Introducing Sprig by CO-OP Financial Services. A virtual experience for your members.

Sprig offers your members an entirely new way to access their accounts. There are no start up or monthly fees. The credit union will be responsible for per transaction costs. Your members are on the go and Sprig is there to help them view account balances, place real- time transfers, submit mobile deposits, make person-to-person (P2P) payments and much more!

What is Sprig?

Sprig is a unique virtual credit union for members to conveniently access all their accounts, including accounts at different participating credit unions. Credit unions are connected through the CO-OP Connect platform (your credit union’s current shared branching platform). Credit union members enroll their accounts and can conduct various transactions on them, depending on the type of access they use. Online, mobile applications and text are available access options.

Features Online Mobile App Text
Credit Union Account Aggregation X X X
Enroll & Add Accounts X X  
Balance Inquiry X X X
Transaction Inquiry X X X
Transfer Between Accounts (Me-to-Me) At same or different credit union At same or different credit union At same credit union
Send Money In-Network (Me-to-You) At same or different credit union At same or different credit union  
Recurring Transfer Setup X    
Savings Goal (and related transfers) X    
Deposit Checks   X
(iPhone only; Android coming soon)

Is my credit union eligible for Sprig?

Sprig is currently available to all credit unions on the CO-OP Shared Branching network. Credit unions do not need to participate in shared branching, but they will need to install the shared branching issuer interface into the CO-OP Connect platform in order to support the extended message format. Contact either Brian or Norma for details.

How does Sprig fit in with my existing online banking solution?

Sprig is another convenience access channel for members, designed to complement most credit union product lines. It offers features that a credit union may not have, such as mobile banking, remote deposit capture, account aggregation and real-time intra-credit union transfers. You could also direct members to Sprig as an alternative when your online banking is unavailable.

How do I get started with Sprig?

Simply contact Norma. The implementation lead-time is as short as two weeks for credit unions that already have a shared branching interface. Give us a call and get started today!




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