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Becoming a client: Why choose us?

Credit Union Resources is a staffing firm for credit unions by credit unions. We only recruit within the credit union industry, and regardless of your location, we can source the talent you need. Because we understand credit unions, we:

  • Deliver candidates that fit with your credit union’s culture; and
  • Provide a unique approach -- including candidate video introductions and thorough sourcing and vetting processes.

Need more than a resume to evaluate candidates? The video introductions allow you to hear directly from the candidate, evaluate communication skills, and determine cultural fit. Before you invest the time in interviewing, hear and see what you will gain in a candidate.

Professional staffing services recruits employees from a teller to a branch manager, and a loan officer to an accountant. You can rely on Credit Union Resources for your operational and administrative positions.

Finally, a national staffing service dedicated to credit unions.

Call us today for your staffing needs and see the difference industry experience makes.

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