Strategic Planning & Consulting Services

Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic management system that helps organizations translate their strategies into objectives that drive both behavior and performance. It translates a credit union’s strategy into performance objectives, measures, targets and initiatives in four balanced perspectives: 1) Financial, 2) Member, 3) Internal Process and Employee Knowledge, and 4) Learning and Growth. This blueprint for success has resulted in enhanced financial returns, improved employee alignment with the overall goals of the company, increased collaboration and a more refined and reactive focus on strategy

Volunteer Development

Boards are faced with leading organizations whose complexity has increased by orders of magnitude over the past decades. Unfortunately, board governance has not always evolved along with the pace of change. Our volunteer development programs are offered as a progressive methodology for developing board competencies, methods, and practices.


Traditional strategic planning gives credit unions an excellent venue to create a strategy for the future success of the organization. This approach provides the credit union an opportunity to review their mission, values and vision to determine why we are doing what we are doing. A planning session gives your team an opportunity to think, quantitatively and qualitatively, about the why, what, and how of creating your future. It's helpful to evaluate and address the opportunities and threats, the potential for success and for failure.

Board Training Effectiveness

This program has three different parts, all of which are based on the direct link between the behaviors and actions of your Board of Directors and the overall performance and effectiveness of your credit union. Part One examines board duties, responsibilities, and orientation to credit union policies. Part Two covers the guiding policies and principles for your board. Part Three identifies board effectiveness with assessment & review surveys and supported with an action plan.





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