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Monday, May 29, is Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday designated for remembering the people who died serving in this country’s armed forces. But, for me, it is also a time to remember those who served and came home.

I never served in the military. When my lottery number was drawn in 1969 is was obvious that I would not be drafted into service. At that time the U.S. was fully engaged in the Viet Nam conflict. I asked my Dad if he thought I should enlist. He said, “No, go on to college. I served for our family.”

My Dad was quite, with a quick wit and a sly sense of humor. He was very much one of the “Greatest Generation” as Tom Brokaw was to later label Americans who grew up during the Great Depression and went on to fight in World War II. Totally command and control, he was a strict disciplinarian, but I didn’t know much about his military service.

Late in my Dad’s life I accompanied he and Mom on a trip to San Francisco. During a bay cruise we became separated on the boat. Dad was in his late 70s and a bit wobbly. Concerned, I struck out to find him. When I spotted Dad, he was sitting on a bench with a young Asian couple. As I approached they stood, bowed politely, and parted ways. I overheard their final words, all spoken in Japanese.

I didn’t know Dad spoke Japanese. When I asked about it he simply said, “They are on their honeymoon. And this is their first trip to the U.S. I was telling them about the things we have been doing in San Francisco.” But Dad, were you speaking Japanese?”  “Yes, I learned it in the Army. It is pretty easy to speak but I never learned to read or write.” And that is all he would say about that.

When Dad was near end-stage I was alone with him in his hospital room. We were watching a TV documentary about current day Okinawa. As we watched Dad said, “I crawled all the way across that island on my belly.” “You never stood up even once?” I asked. “Nope,” he replied, “those that stood up are still there.” Dad made it across Okinawa but he was “sick” when he was extracted and spent some time in a military hospital on Guam before being discharged.

I later learned that Dad was a non-commissioned intelligence officer and one of General McArthur’s couriers. He never spoke of it. “Lose lips sink ships.” He said those who spoke of it were probably not there.

There are times when I felt guilty about not serving in the military, but I understand what Dad meant when he said, “I served for our family.” And he told me enough that I understand and respect the sacrifices that he and many, many proud Americans have made and continue to make to preserve our freedom. Just know, they may not talk about it, but that does not mean their sacrifices are not real.

In all, over 651 thousand Americans have died – approximately 1 in every 50 who have served – during a time of war. Please take time out to remember our fallen on Memorial Day. And, while you are at it, remember to thank the living for their willingness to put their lives in jeopardy to preserve our freedom.

Posted by Karen Coble, VP Sales, Catalyst Corporate FCU on 5/25/2017

Over half of all Americans own or work for a small business. And these small businesses create about 67 percent of new jobs in the U.S. each year – at least according to the latest data from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

With those numbers, it’s no wonder credit unions are bolstering their small business services and outreach to select employee groups (SEGs). After all, credit unions, by nature, offer SEGs a better banking relationship by providing specialized services specifically for their needs.

But is your credit union positioned to help this growing population by providing funding, fee-generating deposit accounts and payment services to small businesses? Check out some of the ways your credit union can support, engage and advise the SEGs and small businesses in your community:

Deposit Directly. Small businesses need to make the most of their resources and time. Your credit union can help by offering direct deposit services for their payroll needs. With ACH Origination, SEGs and members businesses can expedite vendor payments and direct deposit of payroll and tax payments, while instilling best practices for their business.

Capture Convenience. While exploring ways to reduce the labor and improve member satisfaction, consider a way to capture checks remotely. Catalyst Corporate’s Business Capture service addresses obstacles such as limited branches and limited time by allowing member businesses and SEGs to scan and transmit deposit items directly from the business to Catalyst Corporate for processing, clearing and collection. Credit unions have the opportunity to review, modify or delete these items before they are processed.

This service reduces credit union back-office labor and lets credit union staff focus on members’ other needs.

Make Marketing Easy. Let’s face it: it takes blood, sweat and tears to run a business. Lighten the burden for your member businesses by showing them ways your credit union can assist. Provide marketing materials detailing your business offerings so members (and potential members) can find your business solutions easily. (They are working hard enough as is!) Consider offering training classes or other educational opportunities as well.

Also be sure to check out CU Business Group (CUBG), a CUSO that provides comprehensive support for credit unions seeking to begin or expand their business services. CUBG’s team of professionals provides a wide variety of a la carte services, including comprehensive loan support, credit underwriting expertise, guidance on strategy, policies and business deposit services and more.

Ensure your members have the best credit union experience possible by making their business needs your business.

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Posted by Mrs. Cheryl Sayers, Director of Training Remote Transaction Resources, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 5/22/2017

Looking from the outside in this may be confusing or seem fake.  But, for the person that is experiencing these challenges and or issues it is very real.  These issues affect a person’s life, work, and overall being. Over my next few blogs I will review this topic broken into 3 or maybe 4 segments.  Each segment will discuss ways to help to break up the “Cycle of Laziness”.

I don’t know about everyone else but, I find that once I have had a chance to exercise my mind is more positive and ready to face the challenges of the day.  Yes, we all battle with ourselves as to when to get up/out to exercise.  This morning the issue was pouring down rain.  I woke at 5:15 and was immediately aware I would not be going for my morning 3 – 4 mile walk/jog.  The rain on the roof made this very evident.  I do not have a gym membership as with my job I travel.  A gym membership would only be a waste of money.  Instead, I have a route in the neighborhood I walk/jog when I am home.  When away I utilize the facilities at my hotel.  This too can be difficult as once at the hotel I need to follow up on work emails etc. that were happening during the day. 

The Cornerstone Credit Union League has supported the staff for the last 4 years participating in a “Step Challenge”.  Those participating are divided into teams of generally 4 or 5.  We report back to our team captains over a 6 to 8 week time our total steps for each day of the week.  My results this year were not as good as they have been in the past.  However, I did find when getting in any of my steps each day I did feel so much better and my mind clearer! 

Here is some helpful information that we were given this year to help spur us on!  Did you know?  Only 30 minutes of walking a day……

  • Alleviates depression and fatigue
  • Increases attention and decision making
  • Improves your overall fitness
  • Helps to keep your weight in check
  • Reduces lower back pain
  • Limits chronic disease
  • Actually works arm and shoulder muscles
  • Strengthens legs, quads, hips, and hamstrings

Once you get your blood pumping, you realize that you feel awake and not so lethargic.  This is particularly true when you exercise first thing in the morning.  So BREAK the cycle of laziness and feel so much better.  Get outside and walk or go to the gym.  I use to hate jogging or even attempting to run.  Now I actually look forward to getting my pace up and feel so good by doing so.  Again, my mindset is so much more positive after exercising!  

Be sure to get up during the day and move!  Set a timer for every so many minutes.  Just get up and walk around the office for a moment.  Break the cycle of laziness, procrastination, and depression by being more active.  Keep the challenge going with others in your neighborhood and/or workplace!  


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