Costs That We Can’t Control
Posted by Steve Stovall, Product & Experiential Marketing Manager, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 4/15/2015

Every year, Credit Union Resources offers our very popular Academic Calendars to education based credit unions and others that serve specific schools as part of their sponsored employee groups. I’m proud of the fact that through efficiencies in design, processes and printing, we’ve been able to keep the price per unit within 2-3 cents of the cost from five years ago. No inflation!

One thing we can’t control is shipping and it hit us hard last year. Even though gas prices have come down, we were hit with fuel surcharges double from the year before. You may have experienced this with airline bag fees and/or international airline fuel surcharges too. Shipping charges continue to rise and there’s not much we can do about that.

Our printers work hard to choose the best way to send your package depending on time of delivery and distance. Usually, FedEx or UPS Ground services offer the best value. Sometimes, for heavier loads, common freight carriers can be used. It’s important to know that common freight carriers usually charge extra for their driver to deliver packages inside your building. If you don’t mind unloading a few boxes, you could save significantly on shipping charges.

The most important thing is communication. Make sure you’re up front when you place any type of order as to the delivery date. Both UPS and FedEx offer overnight, 2-day and 3-day services along with standard ground shipping. Choosing a “slower” option could save you money – and we could all use more of that.

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