Developing Remarkable Leaders in the Real World
Posted by Mr. Howard Bufe, Unknown, Cornerstone Credit Union League on 7/11/2014

Status Quo Requires No Leadership!

Just imagine, if everything in the current situation was great and there was no need for change, realistically, how much leadership would be needed?  Than answer would be, none.  It would be status Quo.  Leadership is required because we want to move somewhere.  We want change.  The need for leadership is predicated on change, and so leaders must be prepared to work under changing conditions.  If conditions change, then learning is required to continually adapt to and work within the changing conditions.

Status Quo no more, change is everywhere.  Remarkable leaders know their job is to help move people through the status quo.  Therefore, they know that they must continue to grow themselves to meet the needs of the situations and the people they are leading.  Remarkable leaders know they don’t have all the answers and want to be on a path of learning.

8 Types of LeaderWhen you think of great Leaders, you realize great leaders are remarkable people:  Leaders stimulate trust, create high performing teams, are innovative, have a vision, and are great communicators.   Remarkable leaders are those who lead and develop others by releasing within themselves and others untapped potential.  How’s your leadership development model?  Are you preparing your current and future leaders adequately for upcoming changes?  It’s critical your leadership development model is viewed as a process and engages more than just the participant. 

Beginning Tuesday July 15, 2014 for six Tuesdays, I will explore six steps to developing Remarkable Leaders in the Real World.  I invite you to join me in our discovery and encourage your thoughts, comments and questions.

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