Managing your Staffing Needs
Posted by Carmela McDermott, Vice President Sales, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 11/20/2013

Running a business and keeping your payroll budget in check is a large part of watching your monthly budget. Too many people (overstaffed) and not enough people (unstaffed) will both also affect your numbers. In order to keep unnecessary costs to a minimum, it is important to have an understanding of how to properly manage your staffing. Doing so will ensure that you’re properly staffed and get a project finished as efficiently and profitable as possible.

When You Notice a Back-up and Missed Deadlines
As soon as you start to see or hear about timelines being missed or too much work and not enough time to complete projects or simply not enough people; you need a solution! Often times the answer is hiring one or two new temporary employees who have the skills to perform the task is exactly what you need.

Busy Season
Every business has its slow and busy seasons. Most likely these busy times come at specific seasons like summer vacation, Christmas, school starting or a Systems conversion. Don’t wait to find help until you’re drowning with overload. Instead, use a staffing agency to hire seasonal employees.

Needing Special Help outside of your skill set?
With temporary workers, you can tap into the resources you need, when you need them. It makes much more sense to hire that skill for a specific project instead of paying for it to not be used, a couple months down the road.

Employee Leaves Unexpectedly.
We will all experience some turnover even with your best efforts to minimize them. Usually when this happens, you’re overwhelmed and don’t have the time to look for someone to permanently fill the position. A staffing agency is able to provide a new employee, quickly. The staffing agency take care of the interviewing and hiring process or have the employee serve as in interim employee until you find a great hire.

If you expect any hiring needs please contact Credit Union Employment Resources ( and we can certainly help you out. You can contact me directly at


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