How to Find the ROI of Digital Signatures for Your Credit Union
Posted by Emily Maxie, Marketing Director, SIGNiX, Inc. on 12/5/2013

The e-signature market is in about the same place today as the Internet was in 1997. There’s tons of potential and a lot of hype, but there’s also some uncertainty.

roi of digital signaturesA lot of the uncertainty comes from trying to determine the return-on-investment (ROI) of adopting e-signatures. Of course, e-signatures create a more efficient workplace and speed up the pace of business. But today I’m just going to talk about the savings from eliminating fixed costs of doing business on paper.

I could wow you with statistics from top credit unions that switched to e-signatures, but I know each credit union's cost savings are different.

Instead, we’ve created a simple Excel worksheet to help you discover the ROI of switching to e-signatures for your credit union.

This worksheet will help you calculate the cost of:

  • Printing documents
  • Mailing documents
  • Faxing documents
  • Scanning and filing documents

Once you’ve calculated the annual cost of paper-based processes, it'll be easier to know if e-signatures will yield a positive ROI for your credit union. 

ROI of Digital Signatures Worksheet

Have you seen cost savings from switching to e-signatures? We’d love to learn about it. Comment below or Tweet us @signixsolutions to tell us your ROI success story!

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