What should you wear to work…. Tips on dressing for success
Posted by Ms. Susan Looney, SVP Human Resources, Credit Union Resources, Inc on 4/11/2014

Bad AttireOur appearance sends out very powerful messages about who we are, so dress to make a positive impression. he following tips will help you make sure you are dressing for success in your office.

  1. What is your credit union policy?
    First thing is to check your credit union policy. What is the culture, what is acceptable and not acceptable?
  2. If you question what you are wearing… don’t wear it.
    Worried that your casual Friday outfit might be too relaxed or that a bright orange shirt might not be well received? Avoid the guesswork -- and the corresponding nervousness -- by making safer choices when in doubt. When in doubt… leave it out.
  3. Wear clothes that fit you.
    You don't have to be a size 4 to look good but you do need to wear clothes that fit you properly. Make sure your clothes are not too tight, others do not need to know every curve of your body.In addition, don’t wear clothes that are too big, leaving people to ask you “are you pregnant.”
  4. Keep it modest.
    Get noticed for the work you do not the way you look.A V-neck sweater or blouse is fine but don’t show too much cleavage.Don’t wear skirts that are too short.Even if your policy has measurements, keep it to the knee.And make sure you cannot see undergarments through the outfit.Yes, seeing the bra through the shirt might be in style… but not in the office.
  5. Don’t be too casual on “casual Friday”
    Yes, the workweek is almost done -- Don't jump the gun by wearing your weekend clothes on Friday. Avoid informal clothing such as T shirts, beach sandals, and sweat shirts.
  6. Don’t dress like you are going to a party.
    Wearing seasonal colors is one thing, looking like Santa's elf is another. Don’t exuberantly over-accessorize outfits to fit the holidays. Your workplace wardrobe should enhance your professional skills and qualities, not detract from them.
  7. Try to wear clothes that are in style.
    Congratulations on still being able to fit into that outfit you bought in 1985. Now put those relics in the Goodwill box where they belong. While one need not be a fashionista, looking outdated can give the impression that you lack fresh ideas.
  8. Keep your hair and makeup simple.
    Avoid looking overdone and underdone. Have you ever seen people wearing so much hairspray they look like their hair might break if they fall? Don’t just get out of bed and roll into the office either. A little makeup can go a long way. Make sure you find a balance between good grooming and endless primping. Also, never leave your house with wet hair. It makes you look like you don't have your life together, which translates to not having your career together.
  9. Don't wear strong perfume or cologne
    If people can smell you before they see you, you are wearing too much.Whether someone can smell you or not, ask someone you trust.
  10. Pay attention to your shoes.
    Make sure your footwear is clean and polished. In addition, no one likes noisy shoes. Keep the flip flops and other “clippity clop” shoes at home.
  11. Have clean and trimmed nails and feet.
    Make sure your hands and nails look clean.You don’t have to spend a lot of money getting them professionally done, but make sure they are clean underneath and clipped.If you're going to show your toes, make sure your toes are well-groomed.No one wants to see yellow jagged toenails.Also, if you are allowed to wear sandals, make sure your heels are not full of cracks.
  12. Don't over-accessorise
    Accessories are meant to complement your outfit, not overpower it. Also, your jewellery should not make noise. It's really distracting when someone's dangly bangles make noise.
  13. What about socks and hose?
    Many credit unions no longer require hose for women.That is great news for the hot summer weather, but be careful when wearing skirts.Some of us don’t have time to get a nice tan.Also, when wearing socks, they need to be an appropriate length.When you cross your legs and the pants slightly lift up, no skin should be showing.
  14. Facial hair shouldn't overwhelm your face
    No matter how much you want to grow a full, bushy beard, it just might not work for you. Think about it like a haircut — not every cut is going to look good on every person. Facial hair needs to be kept trim and tidy to maintain a professional look.
  15. Dress for the job you want.
    Last but not least…..dress for the position you want… not the one you are currently in. Look at your supervisor, are they usually dressed a little more professionally than you? How about the CEO? More than likely, they are dressed for success.

This is definitely just a few tips on dressing for success. Please feel free to add a comment to this blog to share your tips on dressing for success.

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