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Supervisory Training

In today's changing workplace, many new supervisors are unsure of their roles and responsibilities. They may have little experience dealing with the challenges of managing work through others. They haven't had the opportunity to develop those critical skills of planning work, leading their group, and communicating with their employees, and their manager. Learning these skills can have a tremendous impact on your credit union’s productivity.

Highlights of what participants will learn:

  • What it means to be a supervisor
  • The principles and guidelines of being an effective supervisor
  • The primary responsibilities  and expectations of a supervisor
  • The key skills should all supervisors should have
  • And much more!

For more information contact Kim Jones.

Coaching, Counseling & Discipline

Evaluating, Motivating, Improving, Coaching, Counseling and Disciplining Employees are all important when dealing with employees.  This session will determine what is necessary in addressing employees and difficult situations.  This program will also cover credit union obligations in ensuring that employees know what is expected from them.

Highlights from this program include: setting clear expectations for employees, how to hold employees accountable, distinguishing different ways of motivating different employees and much more.  This session is for Presidents, CEOs, Managers, Human Resources Managers and anyone responsible for staff in your credit union.

For more information contact Kim Jones.

Hiring with Ease

This session will show you how to improve your process in hiring better employees.  Topics include legal considerations in hiring, how to review applications and resumes for top candidates, guidelines on interviewing techniques, sample questions, best practices, and ways to minimize liability in the interviewing process.  We will also review the different types of background investigations that can and should be done before an employee is hired.  This session is for Presidents, CEOs, Managers, Human Resources Managers and anyone responsible for staff in your credit union.

For more information contact Kim Jones.

Harassment Prevention Training

Harassment causes organizations to lose good employees every year.  Prevention training builds awareness, reduces workplace claims makes for a better workplace. Harassment Prevention Training from CUER/HR Consulting will ensure that your employees are properly informed on what harassment is and what is considered harassing conduct.  We will also cover what your credit union can do to prevent harassment in the workplace, and what you should do if an employee files a harassment complaint.

For more information contact Kim Jones.

Employment Law Update

The Basics of Employment Law

Stay up to date on the latest changes and decisions impacting your human resource practices! This training session focuses on day-to-day issues, covering current hot button issues and highlighting practical pointers to avoid and handle common problem areas.  We will take you through the legal issues you need to know from hiring to firing – including wages and  benefits, the Family Medical Leave Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Civil Rights-Title VII, Worker Compensation ADA , and more. This session is for Presidents, CEOs, Managers, Human Resources Managers and anyone responsible for staff in your credit union.

For more information contact Kim Jones.

Board Development

Becoming an Effective Board

As a volunteer, you’re vital to the credit union industry.  You help determine how your credit union deals with real-world financial services, using the needs of members and potential members as a guide.  That’s an exciting challenge, and it involves serious responsibility.

Where you’re newly elected to the board or a seasoned veteran, this session has something to enrich your contributions to the credit union.  For new directors it includes the basic information you need to get started: a brief overview of credit union history and philosophy, as well as explanations of your most important duties and responsibilities.  For seasoned veterans, much will be familiar but the review helps you see your credit union through fresh eyes.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

CEO Succession Planning

CEO transitions are pivotal points that exert a profound impact on credit union performance.  This is why the selection, evaluation, and retention of the right leader are widely proclaimed as the Board’s most important role.  Failure to plan for succession well in advance of the CEO’s announcement that he or she is leaving can result in chaos.

The best way to ensure a smooth and successful executive transition is to anticipate it and to plan for it.  During this information packed session, we will cover several strategies including the 5 key succession planning steps prior to the search and 6 key issues to address during the search.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Board Succession Planning

Your board plays a key role in the success of your credit union.  Therefore the manner in which the board is developed can make a substantial difference in the performance of your organization.  It’s no longer about “just filling seats” – it is about being strategic in the way you look at the composition of the board and its governing responsibilities.

During this session, we will discuss why succession planning for the board is so important, what rapid board turnover can cause, the benefits of having a formal plan, and the key steps in developing a Director Succession Plan.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Leadership and Coaching Development

Coaching Employees for Top Performance

Think of the people in your life who helped you get where you are today.  All the “coaches” who were there for you, who cared for you, who got honest with you when you needed it most.

Now it’s your turn.  Coaching is all about making the best of the ups and downs that your team members experience every single day.  Great coaching comes from knowing how to do this gently, directly and sincerely.  From getting good work repeated, to correcting poor work in a positive way, to turning dead-end performances around, this exciting session offers sensible advice for coaches who care.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

The 10 Commandments of Leadership

It’s an age-old question that has been pondered by millions of people and it’s one of the most important and relevant inquiries you must address as you continue to build and shape your professional career: “What does it take to be a fully effective leader?”

Researchers have identified a collection of core “best in class” leadership beliefs and behaviors.  These characteristics – traits which separate THE best from THE rest – are what they call . . . “THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF LEADERSHIP” . . . and that is what this session will cover in detail.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Listen Up, Leader!

It’s a fact – leadership is the simple most important organizational factor separating the winners and the “also rans”.  It’s the key to your credit union’s success and your individual business success.

And who better to identify what makes a good leader than the people being led.  That’s what this session is all about.  Unique in content and format, Listen UP, Leader provides powerful insights into what employees want and need from their managers, supervisors, and team leaders.  In a simple and straightforward manner, this session pinpoints the behaviors and attributes necessary to be the kind of leader that employees want to follow AND will follow . . . to new levels of performance.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em – Finding Good People and Getting Them to Stay

As a manager and leader for your credit union, one of the most challenging responsibilities you probably have today is recruiting, developing, and retaining GOOD employees.  If that is the case, this session is for you - - upon successful completion of this session, you should be able to:

Plan and conduct behavioral based interviews to hire long term employees,

Implement nondiscriminatory hiring practices which can lessen the potential exposure to litigation.  Utilize the FOSA+ system of progressive discipline as a positive management tool, AND MUCH MORE.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

5 Star Teamwork

It’s a commonly used term in the language of business and is essential for successfully competing in an ever-changing global marketplace.  The “IT” is TEAMWORK.  And it also happens to be one of the most misunderstood concepts in business today.  Effective teams understand that teamwork is a behavioral issue.  Team members recognize that their success is linked with one another, and they act accordingly.  BUT there are effective teams and then there are “5 STAR TEAMS” – the best of the best.  What separates them is COMMITMENT.

This session will reveal the 5 commitments of a 5 STAR TEAM . . . Commitment to each other, the mission, the member, resolving conflicts, and the details.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

The Heart of a Leader

This session helps us mater the art of “influence” . . . the key attitudes and actions needed to impact the lives of those around you.  It condenses the BEST life and leadership lessons from Ken Blachard’s three decades as an educator and business leader in a format designed for instant motivation.

The co-author of the phenomenal best-seller, The One Minute Manager, Ken has an extraordinary impact on the day-to-day management of millions of people and companies.  The Heart of a Leader will help you sharpen your leadership skills and build your personal integrity, giving you the wisdom and inspiration you need to lead at a higher level.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Nuts 'n Bolts Leadership

If you’ve been in management, you’ve undoubtedly come to realize that it’s a multi-faceted profession – a somewhat complex calling that includes the classic and academically-described duties of “planning, directing, controlling, etc.” . . . and much more.

This session will provide you with easy to follow “how to’s” to help you hone your skills and meet many of the most challenging leadership responsibilities.  Some of the topics include getting your employees fired-up to achieve, coaching your way to a high performance culture, and lead for “dynamic” member service.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Taking the Step Up to Supervisor

Becoming a supervisor is your first step in the challenging and rewarding field of management.  You have earned a new level of responsibility and authority because of your technical skills, attitude, and potential.  Now you must master different skills to help you continue to advance and grow.  This session will help you do that.

Management is still more are than science; however, the basic skills necessary to succeed have been clearly identified and can be learned.  We will cover such skills as motivating and coaching others, solving problems and making decisions, and enacting progressive discipline.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

You Can't Do it All - Effective Delegation

Most accomplished leaders would agree that delegation is one of the most important skills (if not THE most important skill) in their repertoire.

When you delegate well, your employees widen their horizons, develop new skills, and enjoy a new level of authority.  Delegation is also a WIN for you – you can use your newly freed time to tackle tougher organizational issues.  However, it’s much more difficult to practice delegation that it is simply to understand it.  But if you apply this session’s techniques, you’ll find yourself managing the delegation process with assurance in no time!

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Leadership begins with accountability.

Transition managers into leaders!  How do they differ?  Managers traditionally tell others what to do. Leaders empower and inspire individuals to be actively engaged.  Effective leaders generate peak performance!  Peak performance demands responsibility and accountability.  Your credit union’s legacy is being written every day, what will it say?

Legacy Leadership Training Program will equip the leaders in your credit union to develop an environment of accountability and performance.  Whether we realize it or not, everyone at your credit union has a leadership role. EVERYONE; has an influence on the corporate culture.  This program will assist in defining these roles and ensuring that your leaders write their own legacy. This program isn’t designed just for Senior Management; it applies to Board, back office and front-line staff.  Basically, anyone who’s a stakeholder in the credit union can benefit.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Employee Development

Monday Morning Member Service

Member service is one of the distinguishing attributed of the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People”.  It is also the key to growth, profitability and loyalty for YOUR credit union as your competition continues to diversify and intensify every day.

This session provides a series of powerful principles and practices you can use to keep members coming back – a practical guide for anyone who has chosen to service others.  When you complete this session you will be ready to roll up your sleeves and make a positive difference in your credit union.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

The How of "Wow"

When was the last time you were “WOWED” by the service you received?  Maybe you were ‘wowed’ while buying groceries, resolving a problem with your cleaners, checking into a hotel, or flying across the country.  OR maybe you were not!  It seems that the secrets behind world class service are often just that – SECRETS!

This session is about creating RAVING FANS – member advocates who go out of their way to spread the good word about the experiences they have consistently had with your credit union.  We’ll explore 10 SECRETS behind ‘world class’ service.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Differences Between You and Them – Part Two

Thoughts are created by electrical impulses in the brain. The neuro-pathways through which these electrical impulses flow are different for every human being. As a result, we all think slightly differently. As a result, before others will embrace your ideas you have to present the idea in a way they can understand.  

Learn what makes us alike and different through an introduction to the “Brainstyles Inventory” developed by Marlane Miller by first learning what makes you think the way you do, how your thinking style differs from others, why each thinking style is beneficial, and finally to understand how you MUST adapt to effectively communicate with people who are not like you.

In this workshop participants will take a short thinking inventory quiz to ascertain their own personal Brainstyle. Participants are then broken into groups of like Brainstyles to learn how they differ from other Brainstyles and why we all need each other. The process can be entertaining as participants explore the most annoying behaviors of the other Brainstyles and ultimately learn why each is needed to achieve optimum performance in the workplace.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

The Accountability Experience

In organizations today, everyone is feeling the pressure to meet ever increasing expectations with less time and money than ever before.  Stress, burnout, and disengagement are commonplace.  Yet, in organizations that embrace accountability, results, retention, and morale flourish.  Why? Because accountable individuals negotiate clear agreements, build strong partnerships, feel more in control of outcomes, and, as a result, are less stressed and more productive.

In this workshop, participants discover the powerful personal and organizational benefits of individual accountability and the strategies to make it happen.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Accountability begins with you.

With responsibility comes accountability. Accountability is a personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate ownership for achieving the desired results. High performers take on responsibility, accept and require accountability of themselves and those around them.  Change is a challenge, but implementing these into your culture, is a game changing event!

 Accountability Training will begin with a definition, identify why it’s important, and illustrate how it should be implemented and integrated it into the culture of your credit union. This training program goes hand in hand with the Legacy Leadership Training Program or as an independent program.  This program isn’t designed just for Senior Management; it applies to Board, back office and front-line staff.  Basically, anyone who’s a stakeholder in the credit union can benefit.

For more information contact Howard Bufe.

Getting Good at Getting Along – Part One

80% of people fail on the job fail due to lack of interpersonal skills, not lack of technical skills…

Getting along is all about effective communication. We each communicate through our own “filters.” We tell it like we see it, but everyone doesn’t see it the same way. To be an effective communicator you have to tell it so that it can get through others’ filters and be understood.

Luckily, there are a few thinks you can do to significantly improve you communication skills.  Learn six solutions to improving your communication skills and understand how to resolve conflicts created by lapses in communication.

This training is an introduction to basic communications skills. Communication skills are introduced in a lecture format. Part Two provides opportunity to expand knowledge and skill set with participative learning…

For more information contact Howard Bufe.






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