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Shared HR Services

Outsourcing one or all of your HR functions is a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house HR professional or an effective way to enhance your current HR staff. We'll handle your HR needs from management consulting and compliance assistance to policy development, maintenance, and employee issues. Designed based on your needs and budget, our process begins by conducting an initial assessment of your current HR programs, policies, and procedures. Following your assessment, we'll design the programs that are needed and assist you in the implementation of your HR programs.

HR Assessments

HR Assessments assist credit unions in determining if the human resource functions within the credit union are fair, consistent, and effective. Our assessment will review policies and procedures, employee files, forms, salary programs and other HR areas. We will then provide the credit union with a written summary of the audit and recommendations for areas of improvement.

HR Policy Manuals & Employee Handbooks

HR Policy Manuals provide managers with the framework needed to make their own decisions on human resource issues in a fair and consistent manner. The manual saves managers time by providing the required information and support to carry out management's objectives. The employee handbook is written to communicate polices to employees in a language that is easy to read. This handbook also provides written documentation of the credit union's commitment to fair and equal employment practices. We will develop customized policy manuals and employee handbooks that are designed to fit the credit union's philosophy, goals, objectives, current policies, and benefits.

Performance Management Programs

Performance Management programs help develop employees potential and effectiveness while promoting effective communications between employees and supervisors. We design a program that includes the entire cycle from planning, goal setting, appraisal systems, recognition practices, problem performance management, and termination. Our programs are custom tailored to fit the credit union's individual culture, and can be designed for staff and executive/management positions.

Job Description Development

Job Descriptions are used in communicating to employees the essential functions of the job, determining the worth of the position, hiring the right employees, and assisting supervisors in analyzing each employee's performance. We will work with you to develop custom job descriptions, which identify the duties and responsibilities, and document the necessary skills, experience, and education required to perform the position. Template job descriptions are also available.


Salary Administration

The main objective in a Salary Administration Program is to provide job and pay structure and the supporting administrative guidelines to enable your credit union to attract, motivate, reward, and retain competent, performing employees. This program includes incentive programs and the tools needed to create a sales culture through compensation management.

Affirmative Action Plans

Affirmative Action Plans are the outcome of the 1965 Executive Order 11246. This piece of legislation provides guidelines for those organizations who do business for or with the federal government. We will work with your credit union in developing a written affirmative action plan to ensure you are compliant with the regulation.

NEW - EASy Simulations

EASy SimulationsEASy Simulations are cost-effective, skills-based simulation products,  for hiring and developing employees.  EASy Simulations are web-based and can be administered onsite or remotely, with instant 24/7 access to comprehensive results.  The simulation is based on employee competencies and identifies the gaps in applicants' ability to perform a job successfully.

There is a full suite of EASy Simulations designed specifically for key credit union and financial services jobs, including: teller supervisors, financial sales and service, collections, back office, contact center, underwriters, managers, and more!


Compease is a comprehensive system of information, software, training, and ongoing customized service in the administration of employee compensation. This dynamic program provides job evaluation systems, salary grades & ranges, merit increase planning, compensation management, salary updates, and proforma job descriptions.

Profile XT

Profile XT is a multi-purpose “Total Person” assessment tool used to find the best-matched candidate for a particular job. This tool measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your credit union, and the results can be used for selection, job matching, and succession planning. It measures thinking style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests.

Step One Survey II

The Step One Survey II (SOS II) is a brief pre-employment assessment that measures an individual’s basic work-related values which include: employee background, employment history, substance abuse, integrity, personal reliability, and work ethic.

Additional HR Products & Services

Additional products & services designed to help your credit union include: Organizational Development, Employee Benefits Analysis, Sexual Harassment Training, Litigation Support, Internal Investigations, Unemployment Claim Response, HR Training, Documentation Assistance, Exit Interviews, New Hire Orientations Development, Career Planning, Coaching, and Counseling Support.





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